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Custom Wood Components

We play well with others! Sometimes we don't make the whole product. Maybe our expertise is only needed for a small part of the whole. Wood components can add an amazing amount of character to a product. It doesn't even have to be showing, but it will be integral to the performance of the whole.

Some of the companies we have worked with range from startups to very large. From GlowDeck (a startup) to Shinola, a large US manufacturer. GlowDeck has a great idea that never took off (top right photos in banner) to Shinola, for whom we produced component parts for phonographs and bookshelf speakers.

Wood products seem to have a special quality when it comes to acoustics and sound reproduction. We have also had the opportunity to provide wood components to Leon Speakers. They have been very complimentary in their comments and appreciation for what we have provided them in terms of fine wood components for their fine audio production products.

Our technical and human capabilities are top of the line! We will be able to help you create your product, no matter how complicated or simple. Our CNC capabilities allow us to create products to extreme specifications and to do it over and over again. We also have the capacity to produce a very high volume of products. All of our products are Made in Minnesota, just 30 minutes from both St. Paul and Minneapolis in Forest Lake Minnesota!

If you know what you want and would like to start the (free!) quoting process, we ask you to click here. This form is on our sister site (wdi-retailpackaging.com). The form we ask you to use will give us all the information we should need to give you an accurate cost estimate as well as a timeframe for completion of the project. If you have specs, you have the opportunity to attach files to your quote request.

View the small component parts gallery below or check out the larger gallery a wide range or the items we have created on our gallery page.

If you wish to see more items we have created, visit the gallery pages of our Retail Packaging site.

  • Control Boxes
  • Speakers
  • Wood Assemblies
  • High Tech Instruments
  • Small Displays
  • Shotgun Shell Board
  • Wood Signs
  • Supports
  • High Tech Products
  • Sound Abatement Panels
  • Shapes
  • Product Holders
  • Milled Cases
  • Solid Wood Products
  • Shapes
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